Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Grapefruit cocktail

Hi lovelies,

So here's the thing... I don't really like grapefruit. At all. People who can just eat grapefruit for breakfast I applaud you. I could not do it. I know it's great for you but it's just not my fave. Something I do love though, gin. And I can get onboard with a gin and grapefruit cocktail. 

I love a good cocktail shaker but you can also just give it a really good stir. Make sure that you also have loads of ice as this needs to be COLD. it is so so refreshing and not too sweet or sour. Plus it's so cute. 


1 lemon
2 grapefruits 
Agave nectar 
Soda water


Squeeze the juice of one grapefruit 
Juice half the lemon 
Slice the second into quarters and muddle three of the slices 
Pour two shots of gin into the shaker 
Pour the grapefruit juice and lemon juice 
Pour in a table spoon of agave nectar (to taste)
Pour into glass and add the muddled grapefruit 
Add mint leaves and stir
Top with soda water 

You seriously need to try this cocktail. It is delicious. 

Hope you like this post,

Christie xx