Thursday, 7 July 2016

Festival tips.

Hey lovelies!

So I having to put off holiday photos at the moment which is super annoying, but I do have some festival styles and tips for you guys instead.

With festival season officially here, I love planning outfits and thinking about what to wear. I wanted to share with you some little tips and tricks for festival fun.

If you really want a flower crown, you'll be able to buy one there.

My friend reaaaally wanted to wear a flower crown to this festival but she couldn't find one she liked. She ended up settling for one with big flowers which isn't really what she wanted. Once we got there, there were so many people selling them, she ended up just buying another one. With fun accessories like flower crowns or glitter tattoos, you can do that on the day. 

Combat style boots are a great alternative to wellies

Not everyone can afford to splurge on a great pair of Hunter wellies, and most wellies have a huge downside; they rub your feet like mad. So many of my friends have had blisters from it despite wearing 3 pairs of socks. If you have an old pair of solid leather ankle boots, these can work just as well, and won't hurt you. 

Pack-a-mac's are your friend.

This one is really old but I also have a Parker in your Pocket that was less than a tenner from Primark. They're also really lightweight and won't let you get too hot which is always a plus if it does rain.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo will never go a miss and is something that can be a total life saver at a festival!

Take a bag you wouldn't mind getting ruined/stolen

People spill drinks and unfortunately steal things at festivals. Don't take anything you really treasure. Same with your phone, take an old/cheap one if you can. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy any festival you go to this summer!

Christie xx


  1. That's so helpful, great tips! Dry shampoo is really a life saver!!!
    thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Great tips! I've been to a couple of festivals but never did the whole flower headband/ fake tattoos/ glitter thing - I've always wanted to! Next time I go to one I'll probably go glitter crazy <3

    Lots of Love,

  3. Great tips, Thanks!

    Adi xx

  4. Great festival tips! Gotta love dry shampoo! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Raina

  5. awesome tips! ive never been to one but it looks FUN!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. Taking a bag you don't care about too much is a great tip and it's interesting to know flower crowns are often sold at festivals, I had no idea!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

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  8. Gorgeous outfit! Dray shampoo really is great, looks like to much fun!

  9. such a fun post! thankyou for these great tips <3


  10. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    Adi xx

  11. Great tips! I love flower crowns and glitter so much for festivals and summer parties :) Also totally agree on the rain boots! I ALWAYS get blisters when I wear my Hunters.. Combat boots would be way more practical :D
    Love from Boston,
    Charlotte Luisa |

    1. I know its so odd isn't it! Thanks! x

  12. Great tips! I also plan for what to wear in advance and i like what you're wearing :). wishing you a nice weekend
    XoXo - Vettae
    Simply Vettae | Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog