Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Hemsley and Hemsley

Hi lovelies!

Sorry I didn't post last week! I was on holiday in Rhodes, so I will be updating you all with a holiday post very soon! Before that though I wanted to share with you my new favourite cookery obsession. As you know, I love to cook and bake, and Hemsley and Hemsley have such amazing, delicious healthy recipes.

My mum bought their book The Art of Eating Well a while ago, and recently they've had their own TV show airing which has also been really great. I seriously recommend checking it out, it has so much inspiration for healthy cooking. 

They also have their own website which you can look at here. They've got some of their recipes on here which is great but I really recommend buying their books! Here are some of the recipes I've attempted. 

Prawn Curry with Cauliflower rice 

Broccoli fritters with creamy avocado dip

Big Breakfast 

Blueberry Pancakes

There are so many other recipes I can't wait to try out! Honestly, their meals are so filling and tasty. I really recommend them!

Have you guys heard of Hemsley and Hemsley? 

 Christie xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Happiness Planner

Hi lovelies.

So I recently received the one-year July 2016-2017 Happiness Planner. I have to say it is so so gorgeous and I cannot wait for it to by July so that I can start using it! It is such a wonderful idea, the planner really focuses on positivity, forward thinking and thinking about your goals. There is also a lot of reflection in the planner, which is also really lovely.

Here are some photos. 

I really wanted to take about 100 more pictures because it is so lovely. It is really well made and I think it is such a great planner. It has monthly reflections as well as day to day and also comes with hand-outs like my goals and new years resolutions. 

So if you are interested, you can check the happiness planner out here. I really recommend them!

Do you use a personal planner?

Christie xx

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

Hi lovelies, 

I have been hearing really great things about Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation so I thought I would give it a try. Here's the box and the bottle. 

So I think the packaging is really nice and I love that it has SPF 15. I am always so surprised when some of the more expensive foundations don't have SPF in them! So here is what the shade 2 Fair. 

It feels really nice and has a great consistency. It also lasts really well while feeling pretty weightless. Colour match wise, it's probably the best colour match for my skin tone I've found, which is a huge plus. I think this is definitely the biggest selling point for this foundation. However, it is said to be full coverage and I would disagree here. When I tried it in the store the sales assistant sort of said you can build it up but that definitely diminishes the light weight feel so that's a little annoying. I personally think it is medium coverage, it certainly doesn't have the same coverage is Mac's Studio Fix Fluid. Here it is on below.

So overall, it is a great skin tone match and feels great, but it doesn't provide the coverage it advertises. You really need to build it up for a fuller coverage, but that does make it less light weight. 

What foundation are you using at the moment?

Christie x