Monday, 25 April 2016

A moment in suede

Hey lovelies!
This week again I have been completed inundated with uni work! I have so many deadlines and presentations coming up I am beyond stressed! However, it's also making me so sad that my last ever semester in university is coming to a close. While there is still so much going on and exams haven't even started yet, there is definitely a feeling of things winding down in uni which really is sad. 

This week, as we've all been so stressed, a few of my best friends and I decided to go for a big night out, going to lots of bars for lots of cocktails and ending at a club. It was so great to blow off some steam and have some fun. 

I have already started the lonnngggg process of moving all my stuff back home, meaning a lot of my favourite night out clothes are still at home. So, seeing as this is one of the last time I'll be able to do it, I headed into town to pick up an outfit for that night. I got so nostalgic as I used to do this so much when I was 18 and first got my student loan haha. 

Anyway, I got this gorgeous lilac suede skirt from River Island that I am so in love with, seriously I've already worn it since. 

I also picked up some seriously gorgeous mac products which I will talk about in another post. 

I will also be talking about another recent makeup purchase.. A Kylie Lip Kit Lip Gloss. I will do a full review with swatches that should be up at the end of the week. 

Love to you all

Christie xx

Monday, 18 April 2016


Hi lovelies!

Sorry for no post last week, I am really busy with uni at the moment! But one nice thing I did last week was my Spring Ball. We had such a great time. It was in the city's natural history museum so it was a really gorgeous venue.

There was a photo booth, a live jazz band, a photographer and a DJ as well as a three-course meal so I really enjoyed it. Afterwards, they booked out a club and there was a really great afterparty.

As it was a little bit of a special night out I treated myself and finally got my makeup done at Mac which was really fun. It was so nice to not have to fuss with my eyelashes for once!

So here is the dress I wore and a few pictures from the night! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Christie xx

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Holiday Wardrobe

Hey lovelies!

I am home from my holiday! It was so lovely to get away for two weeks, especially to somewhere so warm. I went to Tenerife with my boyfriend and all his family, there were 20 of us!, and I had such a great time. We had lots of time to relax but we also had some seriously busy days, going to Siam Water Park, lots of swimming and even climbing the active volcano Mt Teide. I am a little sad to be back but I can now share some of my holiday photos with you all. 

The only downside to a holiday abroad in Easter is that I can't wear all my lovely summer clothes anymore or anything that shows my tan. It was definitely depressing putting jeans on again. 

Hope you all had a lovely Easter,

Christie xx