Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Eyelure Lashes Number 125

Hi lovelies,

I am now back in university and since it was my birthday over Christmas break, I had more celebrations with my friends here! We went out on Monday night and had a great time, although I did pay for it all day Tuesday haha. This is how I did my makeup!

Products used:

I used Mac's studio fix fluid foundation in the shade NW13 and set it with Max Factor Creme Puff. To contour, I used Elf's HD Mattifying Cream Foundation in the shade, Almond. I also used Mac's Boldly Bare lip liner and Mac's Jubilee Lipstick. For my eyes, I used Urban Decay Naked 3 shades Trick, Factory and Blackheart. The mascara I used was Pur's Volume Vixen and I also used fake eyelashes. I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Taupe as well as Rimmel's Brow This Way in Blonde on my eyebrows.

The false eyelashes I'm wearing are Eyelure lashes Number 125 which I love! They're really easy to apply and I love the look of them. Eyelure is usually my favourite brand for lashes and these lashes are my favourite! They're not too thick and have lovely varied lengths which make them look more natural but still have a lot of wow factor. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, 
Christie x

Monday, 25 January 2016

Hand Luggage Only Packing Tips

Hi lovelies!

So as I previously mentioned, I am headed to Paris this weekend! I am so excited that I have already packed. The thing is though, we are only travelling with our carry-on luggage. This has proved a little tricky, particularly with makeup. I have been doing some serious research on travelling with only hand luggage so I thought I would share my findings with you all!

Makeup: Replace as many liquids as you can with powders. This actually removes a lot of obstacles! Although it's also important to note that the ml allowance is 100ml which is surprisingly large! For example, I'm taking my Mac Studio Fluid Fix Foundation which is only a 30ml container. I've also got a little makeup bag (and I'm talking really small) to try and save room in my suitcase.

Clothes: I thought this would be trickier than it was. There are some amazing images and outfit examples on Pinterest on how to pack for weekends away or short trips. I have spent ages looking at them and found them so helpful. This is one of my favourites by Shannon Martin.

Also, remember that as well as a carry-on bag you can take either a handbag or a laptop bag. You can spread your luggage out a little into your handbag and keep important things like your phone charger in there.

In terms of packing itself, a lot of people recommend rolling your clothes for space but I think that tends to really crease the clothes. Some hotels have irons in the room but I am usually too lazy for that so I tried to fold my clothes so it creases as little as possible.

So these were a few little tips, I will be sharing lots of photos from the trip once I am back! 
Christie x

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow.

Hi lovelies!

So I recently got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in the shade Taupe. I also got the Anastasia Beverly Hills number 15 brush. When I was looking at what shade to get I found it stupidly hard. I looked on amazon and it had a little chart of hair colours next to the dip brow chart and I thought I should go for blonde. I then read about 15 blog posts and finally settled on taupe and I am so glad I did.

Brush #15

The Taupe

The lovely little box

Two bizarre photos of my eyebrow

I really love this product. It takes a few tries to really get to grips with it but once you do you will love it. I used Rimmel Brow This Way in blonde to blend the inner part of the brow so it doesn't look too much. I would say Taupe is more of a match to the blondes you find in brands like Rimmel. If you're thinking of buying Dipbrow I suggests doing a lot of colour research beforehand; by all accounts, the blonde seems pretty warm.

Hope you enjoyed this post, what's your favourite eyebrow product?
Christie x

Monday, 11 January 2016

My 21st Birthday

Hi everyone,

So as I mentioned in my last post, I turned 21 on Friday! I had such an amazing week celebrating with my friends and family, I am actually a little depressed that its all over haha. My cousin also made me the most amazing birthday cake! She is so so talented and the cake tastes even better than it looks, my boyfriend thinks it's the best cake he has ever had.

I have been so spoilt this year and gotten some really amazing presents. I honestly want to make a blog post of all of them just to show you all but I will refrain haha. I will tell you that one of the most amazing gifts I have received is a weekend in Paris with my boyfriend, Shawn. We are going at the end of the month after I get these pesky exams out of the way and I couldn't be more excited! 

I also just want to say as part of the celebrations, we went and had prosecco and passionfruit cocktails and I can honestly say they are the most delicious things I have ever tasted. If you get the chance I seriously recommend trying them!

I hope you enjoyed this little post,
Christie x

Monday, 4 January 2016

New Makeup Additions

Hey lovelies!

I firstly want to say a belated Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a great time celebrating! New Years is always great fun, and it's particularly exciting for me this year as it is almost my 21st Birthday! I turn 21 on Friday the 8th and I can't believe how quickly it has come around. I had planned on holding off on this post for a bit but seeing as I will most likely be receiving more makeup goodies, I should probably do it now!  So anyway here is the makeup I got for Christmas! 

Real Techniques Powder Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Laura Gellar Highlighting Tool

Laura Gellar Highlighter in French Vanilla

Too Faced Blush in Something About Berry

Laura Gellar Bronzer in Medium

 Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NW13

YSL Black Opium Perfume and La Laque Couture in Beige Leger

I have become absolutely obsessed with Laura Gellar. It is by far the best highlighter I have ever used. The bronzer is also gorgeous and so natural. I also got my favourite foundation, NW13 is the best match to my skin tone I have ever found. All the Real Techniques brushes are also fantastic. I will definitely be buying more soon! The Too Faced blush is actually my first ever Too Faced purchase and I love it!! The packaging is also adorable. Even though it is not makeup, I have also included my beautiful YSL presents that my boyfriend got for me because I love them so much. The nail varnish is beautiful and the perfume smells amazing, similar to Victor and Rolf's Bon Bon. The perfume bottle is also so pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
Christie x