Thursday, 8 October 2015

Infallible 24 Hour Foundation Review.

Hi guys,
I recently bought a new foundation from a friend's recommendation so I wanted to shears it with you all. The foundation is L'oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hour Stay Fresh Foundation. I have the shade 120 Vanilla. Usually my favourite foundation is Mac's Studio Fix Fluid Foundation but recently I've been using Nars Sheer Glow. While these are such great products they are also quite pricey. I've tried some Rimmel and Max Factor foundations, and while they were fine, they were nothing special. Recently I bought the Infallible 24 hour and I really love it.

Application is really easy and it is so blendable. It has a lovely matte effect without feeling dry and cakey like so many matte foundations do. The coverage is also fantastic, and for the price (£9.99) it is so great. It also lasts so so well. It is genuinely one of the best foundations I've used in terms of how well it lasts, and that's including the likes of Mac and Nars. It also feels great all day and not at all uncomfortable or cakey. I really forget I have it on.

My only issue with it is that unlike Mac's Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, it doesn't have an SPF in it. Despite it coming up to winter, I think a light SPF in foundation is great because sun damage is one of the most harmful things for your skin.

Overall, it's a great foundation and I would really recommend it. It's perfect for day to day use when you don't really want to be using your best foundations and the price is so great. What are your favourite drugstore/high street makeup brands?
                                      Christie x


  1. Great, informative review! <3 I've been meaning to try this foundation for a while but never got round to it. You review deffo got me more interested, though! <3


  2. I have used MAC Studio fix for years and nothing has come close before. I will have to try this one out!

    Lauren x |

    1. It's a good day to day alternative, I won't be giving up my studio fix though x

  3. Oooh, I've been meaning to give this stuff a try- great review!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Thanks! It's so great for the price! X

  4. What a great review.


  5. I have heard a ton of great stuff about this foundation! I need to try it myself!

  6. I always use Maybelline but I keep meaning to buy this, I'll pick it up when I go to the Boots Christmas Evening!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  7. I love the post! You have a really great blog:)