Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Outfit of the Night.

Hey everyone!
So this post is another OOTN posts. My roommate just got engaged so to celebrate we went out for cocktails and ha a really great time. I am wearing my favourite public desire heels. Seriously, their website is amazing and these shoes are so much comfier than they look. I am also wearing a black shirt dress. 

In terms of hair I used my hair extensions again! They felt so much comfier this time, hopefully they'll keep getting easier to put in. I like them so much I may go for something more expensive (I only paid fifteen pounds for these). If you have any recommendations let me know! I also curled my hair with a wand.

I used my Nars Luminous foundation again here in the shade Mont Blanc. I also made good use of my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette using Buzz, Shimmer and Factory. The eyelashes I am wearing are from eyelure and I am a huge fan of them.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post. Hopefully I will have another one for you all later this week.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Getting Your Nails Done.

Hey everyone,
I really love getting my nails done, I find it so relaxing and love having pretty nails. I went to my favourite place recently to get some gel extensions. Afterwards one of my friends was quizing me as she wanted to get her nails done but wasn't sure what she wanted, this made me want to make a blog post about it!

Gel extensions: Gel extensions are my favourite nails to get when I want something special. Personally I find them a lot less damaging than acrylics. They always look really glossy and are more natural than acrylics. Gel extensions take less time to apply than acrylics which is another plus. Also they somehow feel more comfortable than acrylics. If you want longer nails but are a little nervous, gel extensions are the way to go.

Acrylics: Acrylics are the most traditional form of artificial nails. I had them for a time and loved them so much. If you want a french manicure acrylics are probably the way to go. They supposedly last longer than gel extensions, which I don't really think. Acrylics can be cheaper than gel extensions which is definitely a selling point!

Soft gel: Like gel extensions, soft gel nails require curing under a UV light. They are essentially nail varnish which can last up to a few weeks without any chipping or peeling. They look so much better than nail varnish, they're really shiny and look amazing. I have a UV light and soft gel varnishes and they are so simple to apply at home. 

I also wanted to include this amazing example of nail shapes I found on www.eyeheartpolish.com 
This is a great little guide when deciding what nail shape you want. Many salons have a photo album in the waiting room, which is the best way to choose as you know they have done this before and will be able to recreate it easier.  
Hope you enjoyed this post, what is your favourite manicure? 
Christie x

Monday, 12 October 2015

Favorite Designers: Elie Saab

Hey guys,
I have a serious love for fashion and absolutely adore talking about designers. I thought it would be fun to do a blog series where I talk about some of my favourite designers and you can all tell me about some of yours! The first designer I want to talk about is Elie Saab because I thin she creates the most beautiful dresses. The first I saw of Elie Saab was when I was designing a piece for textiles in school under the theme of Van Gogh's Starry Night. I then looked into shows that had a similar theme or lots of midnight blues. I then found this beautiful dress.
I ended up featuring a lot from this show which was Autumn/Winter 2011. I love all the colours in the dresses in this show and I love how well they all fall and flow. 
Another of my favourite Elie Saab dresses is this one.
I have seen Lily Collins wear this for the 2014 Rome Film Festival and she looked gorgeous in it. I think Elie Saab has such an eye for colour. The dresses are always in such fantastic complementary colours. 
Here are some other favourites I have.

What are some of your favourite Elie Saab designs and who are your favourite desigers?
Christie x

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Infallible 24 Hour Foundation Review.

Hi guys,
I recently bought a new foundation from a friend's recommendation so I wanted to shears it with you all. The foundation is L'oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hour Stay Fresh Foundation. I have the shade 120 Vanilla. Usually my favourite foundation is Mac's Studio Fix Fluid Foundation but recently I've been using Nars Sheer Glow. While these are such great products they are also quite pricey. I've tried some Rimmel and Max Factor foundations, and while they were fine, they were nothing special. Recently I bought the Infallible 24 hour and I really love it.

Application is really easy and it is so blendable. It has a lovely matte effect without feeling dry and cakey like so many matte foundations do. The coverage is also fantastic, and for the price (£9.99) it is so great. It also lasts so so well. It is genuinely one of the best foundations I've used in terms of how well it lasts, and that's including the likes of Mac and Nars. It also feels great all day and not at all uncomfortable or cakey. I really forget I have it on.

My only issue with it is that unlike Mac's Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, it doesn't have an SPF in it. Despite it coming up to winter, I think a light SPF in foundation is great because sun damage is one of the most harmful things for your skin.

Overall, it's a great foundation and I would really recommend it. It's perfect for day to day use when you don't really want to be using your best foundations and the price is so great. What are your favourite drugstore/high street makeup brands?
                                      Christie x

Monday, 5 October 2015

September Favourites.

Hi guys,

           So for this post I want to talk about the things I have been loving in September!
 My first favourite is Rimmel London's Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 107. I have tried to steer clear of it this summer so now that it's cooler and autumnal looks are starting up again I've been wearing it a lot. I am such a fan of the colour and love how long it lasts.
I have also been loving Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It's so soothing and is the perfect easy alternative to makeup wipes. My skin has been so great since using it and it's lasting me so well. When you don't feel like using a cleanser it's a great time saver. 
A non beauty related thing I love this month is Five Guys. I only tried it recently but now I am totally obsessed. The burgers and fries are so good plus they have a drinks machine there which has so much choice its crazy. So yeah, Five Guys is on my list.
Seeing as this is my first list of favourites I thought I would include the amazing Naked 3 palette. I am so in love with this palette. It's fantastic quality and the brush is so amazing. The great thing about this palette is how many great shades there are; it's rare that I like half the shades in a palette where as there are none I dislike or won't use!
The last thing I have been loving this month is the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I have the shade Mont Blanc and have had it for over 6 months and it is still going strong. When I first bought it I didn't know about the golden rule which is to warm it on the back of your hand. That made it quite hard to blend. Now though I really love it and will definitely be buying more when it runs out.

Hope you enjoyed this post, what have you been loving this month?
Christie x

Friday, 2 October 2015

ELF Favourites.

So today I wanted to talk to you about a really great low cost brand called E.L.F which stands for Eyes Lips Face. This brand is so great because it provides a genuine alternative to high end makeup brands. I have tried a lot of E.L.F products since I discovered the brand, they have a really great range of products. Their eye shadow palettes are some of my favourites. Today I wanted to create a makeup look showing my three current favourites from Elf!

The first is the HD Matiffying Cream Foundation which I mentioned in my last post. Good contour kits can be so expensive, and it can be so hard to find one that isn't powder. This is why I love this foundation so much. I use it to contour and I find it really easy to use and to blend. It is a subtle contour that is easy to wear and apply.

I also really love E.L.F's lipsticks. The one I am wearing day to day at the moment is the Mineral Lipstick in the shade Party Pink. It's a really natural colour with a great sheen to it. It also feels lovely and can be applied easily. It's one of those shades you rely on because it literally goes with everything!

My last favourite is this little E.L.F Lightening Eye Color palette. There's only four shades in it but it was such a great price. The colours are so perfect for this time of year. They blend really easy and have a little sparkle to them that I love. I am such a fan of this because you can pop it in your bag and take it with you because it's so tiny. Also the brush that comes with it is actually lovely which is another plus! 

Thanks for reading, have you tried any E.L.F products before?
Christie x