Thursday, 10 September 2015

Making Sushi.

Unlike many lucky people sushi isn't that widely available in my area, and where it is, it's pretty expensive. Recently a guy that I work with brought in sushi he made himself and it really motivated me to have a go at making my own! While it's not exactly authentic (the rice I bought was literally called sushi rice) it was so fun to do and inexpensive! I picked up some sushi rice, Mirin and Nori sushi sheets which came to around 5 pounds which is fantastic considering how much sushi you can make with it. I already had some rice vinegar at home but if you don't I don't think its a necessity. For the fillings I didn't stay very traditional. 
Here are some fillings I made with things I already had:

Bacon and tomato
Chicken and avocado
Cream cheese and red pepper
Avocado and bacon
Ham and tomato 

I really want to try are fruit sushi rolls which have pureed raspberries and apples in them so I may have a go at that next time, as well as trying to make more traitional sushi although I think that may be more difficult! Anyway, here are some photos below, my mum already had a bamboo mat to roll them with but I think you could probably make do without one. Thanks for reading! 

Christie x

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