Friday, 11 September 2015

How I Store My Makeup.

I have a serious makeup problem. I am both a serial makeup shopper and a hoarder which makes storing it all really hard. I've tried keeping it all in one huge bag but that gets so messy and has no organisation. I tried keeping it in boxes with my everyday makeup in a little bag but that just meant I only used the stuff in the little bag. 

So after some serious trial and error I found something that suits me perfectly, plus it's super cute and pink. I bought this aluminium box on Amazon from Beautify Cosmetics, I know a lot of people use this kind of box for nail equipment so I thought it'd be perfect for makeup, and it really is.

So the top row has these little boxes which are perfect for my favourite lipsticks (although it was tough narrowing them down). This box is also great because the lid isn't touching the top of the boxes so you can put a few things on top of each other. I also put some eye makeup in this top section too. 

The box then folds out to two more little boxes which I use to keep my other lipsticks and glosses which didn't quite make the cut. I also keep my everyday brushes and beauty blender here. 

At the bottom we then have a great big box where all my foundations, bronzers, blushes and the rest of my makeup lives. Whilst this isn't quite so organised it does mean I get to see more of my makeup and use different products, I think we all forget what makeup we actually own from time to time. 

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