Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Grapefruit cocktail

Hi lovelies,

So here's the thing... I don't really like grapefruit. At all. People who can just eat grapefruit for breakfast I applaud you. I could not do it. I know it's great for you but it's just not my fave. Something I do love though, gin. And I can get onboard with a gin and grapefruit cocktail. 

I love a good cocktail shaker but you can also just give it a really good stir. Make sure that you also have loads of ice as this needs to be COLD. it is so so refreshing and not too sweet or sour. Plus it's so cute. 


1 lemon
2 grapefruits 
Agave nectar 
Soda water


Squeeze the juice of one grapefruit 
Juice half the lemon 
Slice the second into quarters and muddle three of the slices 
Pour two shots of gin into the shaker 
Pour the grapefruit juice and lemon juice 
Pour in a table spoon of agave nectar (to taste)
Pour into glass and add the muddled grapefruit 
Add mint leaves and stir
Top with soda water 

You seriously need to try this cocktail. It is delicious. 

Hope you like this post,

Christie xx

Monday, 30 January 2017

Accupressure mat

Hi lovelies,

So I have found something really amazing. It's an accupressure mat! Now I have never gotten acupuncture but I have been getting pains in my upper back/neck. I looked into it and discovered people using the accupressure mat. I ordered one and, after using it for the last few weeks, I am obsessed. 

It doesn't hurt at all and I absolutely love it. It is so relaxing. You can literally feel your muscles relax like when you get a massage. It has really helped me sort out my back pain too. 

I usually put it either on the floor or against the back of a big chair and then lean into it. You can also use it for your feet too which is also so relaxing. 

I was a little apprehensive about the mat because I have never used anything like it before and got it as a total experiment. It's now something I use 5 times a week and both my mum and my sister got their own after trying it, even though they thought I was mad at first. 

I ordered mine off amazon and they're only about £15 which is such a great price because obviously you can use it hundreds of times. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you get one make sure you email me to tell me how it goes! 

Christie xx

Thursday, 19 January 2017

The best skin of your life

Hi lovelies!

So when it comes to skin products I am a huge cynic. Like I literally do not trust any product to do what it says on the bottle. This stems from so many disappointing buys. I honestly find that even recommend products, I end up being so indifferent to. 

Micellar water for example, I find greasy and ineffective. I have tried sooooo many blackhead removal products with 0 results. It is so hard to buy great products and reviews can be so unreliable. 

This brings me to my magic product I recently discovered. I've been using it for about a month and I can honestly say I don't wear makeup most days because of it. How insane is that?!

This product is eminence organic skin care's bright skin licorice root booster-serum. It is the most excited I've ever been about a beauty product!! 

Now it smells... not the best. I hate the smell of licorice, but if you're a fan you'll love it. I am definitely not but I am still obsessed. 

Hope you liked this post, you will definitely like this product!

Christie xx

Friday, 6 January 2017

Driving a huge Lorry.

Hi lovelies, 

So a few weeks ago I did something very random but seriously fun. The day after I passed my driving test, the same day I bought my car, my boyfriend Shawn told me his friend had given him a voucher to go and drive a huge van, and did I want to come. 

Shawn's friend was given the voucher as a gift from his girlfriend who lives in Germany. He had gone out to visit her and had totally forgotten about the driving experience. It was too late to cancel so he gave it to us. 

We went to a huge track that did driving experiences in all kinds of vehicles. We then had to sign something that basically waved their liability if we were paralysised or died. I get why and that it's pretty standard but it scared me!

Anyway we got to the lorry and it was literally ginormous. You have to climb a ladder to get in. The front seat is kind of like on springs so it doesn't affect the driver if they go over a bump or a pothole. It was crazy being up so high driving. 

There were other people there waiting to drive and a couple who had gone before us and everyone loved it. It was such a cool experience. I never would have thought to do something like this, nor that I would enjoy it so much. If this sounds fun to you I definitely recommend giving it a go. 

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different to usual post,

Christie xx

Sunday, 1 January 2017


Hi lovelies,

Happy new year! I hope you all had a great new year celebration! Honestly, my favourite thing to do on New Years Eve is grab some really good champagne and eat Chinese food with my mum. It's a bit of a tradition and I love it. The night before me and my boyfriend went to a charity ball so it was nice to have a quiet New Years following it. 

My dress is from Coast and my shoes are from Kirk Geiger. Lip colour is Mary Jo K Kylie lip kit. 

So 2016 was a really great year for me. Below are some of my favourite pictures from 2016 that show some of the great things that happened! In January I turned 21 and it was 100% my favourite birthday I've ever had. I had so much fun with all my family and friends and also went to Paris with my boyfriend, Shawn. Paris was such an incredible experience, I will definitely be going back. 

I also went to Tenerife which was great! I hiked an active volcano which was very cool and very scary. The cable car was terrifying and I don't even had a problem with heights. I also went to Greece and learnt how to kayak which was so fun. I live so close to the sea but still haven't done this again, that's one thing I definitely want to do in 2017. 

This year I graduated from university which was an amazing day. I wish I could relive and am so glad I took so many photos. Loads of my family came on the day, I'm talking 8+ people, which was really amazing. Even my nana made the trip on the train bless her. 

I also FINALLY passed my driving test. Learning to drive sucked. I hated it. It was so mind numbing yet so stressful and I literally never thought I would get it. But I did, bought my own car and now totally love driving, something I never thought I would say. My sister is learning now and she won't believe me that she'll get the hang of it. If you're learning to drive at the moment just keep going because you will get there! 

I also started a new job which I love. It's given me great opportunities already like travelling to London, having a tour of a top football stadium (okay maybe I wasn't as keen on that, but the photo on the pitch is cool) and so many more. 

Happy new year to you all. I hope you have an amazing 2017!

Christie xx

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Hi lovelies!

I can't believe it's been such a long time since I posted but things have been so crazy the last few months! Rather than just jumping right back into my posts I thought I'd do a little catch up blog for you guys. I will be including some really great new beauty products in posts over the next few weeks! 

So first things first: I got a great new job. After graduation this summer I got a fantastic job doing what I hoped I'd be doing 5 years after graduation. This is obviously great but it's made my life super hectic in the last couple of months. It's going really well and I'm enjoying it!

I also passed my driving test and bought a car! Another awesome thing but finishing off learning to drive while working full time is a lot! Since I passed I bought a car and now commute to work everyday which was beyond scary at first, city driving is intense, but I'm getting used to it. 

I've been traveling a lot with work. This has been a lot of fun but also so tiring. I have such great photos to show you all! 

Other than all this busyness I have been preparing for Christmas! I will have some lovely festive posts up here soon! 

Another thing that's happened is that Christiebelle turned 1! I can't believe it's been a whole year since I started this blog, time really is flying. 

I hope you enjoyed this catch up post, it's really odd blogging without photos haha!


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Spa Day

Hey lovelies,

It was recently my mum's birthday so we went on a spa day to celebrate! We had a really great time so I wanted to share some photos with you all. 

We went to a great spa and had Elemis facials, and a neck, back and shoulder massage. I absolutely love Elemis products so I really loved the facial. We on the 11th and I can still see the improvement in my skin which I am so happy with it. 

Here is a photo of the treatment room. The music was really relaxing too.

 We also had afternoon tea which was so nice. The red velvet cake was so good.

Here is the pool. I always love how quiet pools are in spas.

Have you guys been on many spa days? 

Christie xx